Simons Centre for the Study of Living Machines

We study molecules, cells, and organisms as living machines: products of natural selection which consume energy to achieve specific goals. Our research combines theory and experiment, and covers a range of length and timescales: from protein function, computational cell biology and evolution, to the physics of active systems.

We are supported by the National Centre for Biological Sciences and the Simons Foundation.


Beyond Correlation - Introduction to Causality and Counterfactual Reasoning
17th Aug 2018
Tanmayee Narendra
Ramanujan and the circle method
20th Jul 2018
Prof. Kaneenika Sinha, Mathematics group,
6th Simons-NCBS Monsoon School Jun 15 - Jun 22, 2018
15th Jun 2018
Mukund Thattai
Samose Seminar Series: Exploring the Sphere
4th May 2018
Prof. Vamsi Pingali, IISc Math


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Cellular Communities

We aim to combine experimental and theoretical methods to understand the collective dynamical behavior of populations. Ex. competition and cooperation in bacteria


Molecular and Cellular Dynamics

A large part of our effort at the Simons Centre is in exploring new physical and chemical principles underlying biological organization across scales


Computer Science Interface

This interface theme links all the activities of the Simons Centre with computer science and biology. We hope to play a critical role in nurturing this interface.

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