PhD/Integrated PhD Programme


NCBS is pleased to announce new PhD and Integrated PhD opportunities in the physical and mathematical study of biological systems. Biology, all the way from molecules, through cells, tissues, networks in the brain, to ecosystems holds great promise today for bright young theorists. Exciting problems abound, a vibrant and connected global community of theorists is growing and the thrill of conceptual discoveries await the prepared and well-trained student. The theory programme is open to students with a physics/maths/chemistry/engineering background and a strong curiosity in biology, as well as students with a biology background having a strong interest in the mathematical and computational study of living systems.

What is unusual about the theory programme?
Creating and finding new problems is an essential part of all scientific research. We put developing this skill at the heart of our programme design. Student/s will learn to create, select and solve research problems at the interface of biology and other sciences. They are encouraged to chart their own research path in conjunction with faculty of the theory group.

How to apply
Students interested in this programme must qualify from the NCBS entrance exam held in December of each year, and the subsequent interviews held the following May. Watch out for the newspaper advertisements that appear in the last week of August and the first week of December. More details are here and here.

Theoretical research at NCBS spans a wide range of areas, from computational cell biology and evolution, to the physics of active systems, to morphology and control in animals and machines. Read more about theoretical research at NCBS

We provide core courses to establish a rigorous foundation in mathematical and numerical analysis, and cover topics including modern statistical mechanics and soft matter physics, molecular dynamics, stochastic processes, nonlinear dynamics, control and optimization, information theory, and so on. Students are encouraged to take courses in neighbouring institutes such as the Indian Institute of Science, Raman Research Institute and JNCASR. Read more about the courses offered.

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