This program, held between April 30 and May 1, 2014, was aimed to kick-start collaborations between two research groups with many shared interests: the Simons Centre at NBCS, and the Theoretical Biology group at the Riken Interdisciplinary Theoretical Science division, Japan. Jointly organised by Mukund Thattai (NCBS) and Atsushi Mochizuki (Riken), the meeting featured talks by faculty and post-docs on subjects ranging from molecules to signalling networks and cells.  For more information, see here (link to be updated soon).

NCBS is delighted to announce, in partnership with the Simons Foundation, the creation of the Simons Centre for the Study of Living Machines. The new Centre will build bridges between theory and experiment, support post-doctoral fellowships, and host long-term visitors. Please join us as we celebrate this milestone.

Venue: Dasheri Auditorium, NCBS

4:30pm: Opening remarks by Satyajit Mayor, Director, NCBS

4:35pm: Remarks by Mustansir Barma, Director, TIFR (via video)

4:40pm: Remarks by Spenta Wadia, Director, ICTS

4:45pm: Madan Rao: Introduction to the Simons Centre

4:50pm: Madan moderates a discussion on the role of theory in biology Panelists: Rob Phillips, Sriram Ramaswamy, Boris Shraiman

5:15pm: Mukund Thattai: Vote of thanks and intro of Madhu Venkadesan

5:20pm: Colloquium by Madhu Venkadesan: How throwing made us human.

6:00pm: Refreshments in the Colonnade

A major aim of the Simons Centre is to catalyse interactions between biologists and theoretical computer scientists. This meeting brought researchers from Microsoft  Research to the NCBS campus, to explore areas of common interest.


Nikhil  Srivastava : Theoretical computer science, linear algebra, random matrices, and convex geometry.

Deeparnab Chakrabarty : Theoretical computer science, and in particular in  approximation algorithms, combinatorial optimization, and algorithmic economics. 

Navin Goyal : Theoretical computer science, algorithmic problems arising directly in practice.

Satya Lokam : Cryptography, lower bounds in combinatorial and algebraic complexity, coding theory, randomness in computation.

Ravi Kannan : Massive data,  sampling, clustering, Markov chains, rapid mixing, lattice algorithms.

P. Anandan :  Computer vision.

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