Postdoctoral Opportunities


This competitive program is for exceptionally talented researchers capable of developing an independent research programme in collaboration with members of Simons Centre. We are seeking talented theoretical physicists, chemists, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists with a strong interest in biology.

How to apply: Positions are open internationally. Applicants can apply all through the year by sending their CV, a one page summary of research accomplishments, and at least two letters of recommendation to

In addition, the candidate must submit a detailed 2-4 page proposal of research which may be developed in consultation with a member of the Simons Centre. Candidates will have to give a research seminar and attend an interview. The results will be announced within a week of the interview.

Salary: Rs. 90,000 per month plus a Research Stipend of $5,000 per year
Benefits: On-campus housing, healthcare, relocation allowance, child-care allowance

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