Postdoctoral Opportunities



The Simons Centre at the National Centre for Biological Sciences is looking for independent postdoctoral fellows to join the centre. Several positions are available and applications are now open.


Who is it for: The program is for talented researchers capable of developing an independent research programme in collaboration with members of the Simons Centre. We are seeking physicists, chemists, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists with a strong interest in biology.


Benefits of joining us: The postdoctoral fellow will become part of a very collaborative atmosphere with wide exposure to experimental biology at NCBS with a strong theory group working on diverse systems across scales including active cellular dynamics and control, synthetic self-replicators, cell heterogeneity, protein folding, development and morphogenesis and the evolution of eukaryotic cells.


How to apply: Positions are open internationally. Candidates need to have a PhD in a relevant field by the start of the position (January 2024). Candidates are encouraged to find overlaps of research interest with existing Simons faculty and reach out to them informally. 

For a formal application, candidates need to send their CV, a one page summary of research accomplishments, at least two letters of recommendation and a detailed 2-4 page research proposal to

Candidates will be expected to deliver a research seminar and attend an interview. Results will be announced before the end of the year and the fellow can join in January 2024.

We are offering internationally competitive allowances and benefits:

Deadline for Application: 15th October, 2023
Duration: 2 years
Allowance: 12 lakh INR/year
Housing: Family housing or 30% HRA provided
Child allowance: 1 lakh INR/child
Relocation allowance: 0.9 lakh INR

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