Physics of Life, Annual Monsoon School

Biology is essentially an interdisciplinary field and is in the forefront of modern physics and information sciences. The goal of the school is to:

(i) expose undergraduate students from mathematics, physical sciences and engineering backgrounds to exciting problems in biology through research talks by biologists, physicists and computer scientists. Topics include: the structure and function of biomolecules; the organization of cells; the development of organisms from embryos to adults; the structure and function of the brain; populations and ecosystems; and aspects of evolution.

(ii) provide pedagogical instruction on a range of mathematical topics, so that students will be better prepared to enter Ph.D. programmes in computational biology, systems biology, biophysics, and related areas. Topics include: biophysics and soft-matter physics, ranging from aspects of molecules to those of cells and tissues; information processing and decision making, at the level of cells or of the brain; stochastic processes in molecules or populations; genetic networks and feedback systems; biomechanics and robotics.

For further details about this year's Monsoon School, the schedule, line-up of speakers as well as to apply to the 8th Annual Monsoon School, please click here.

Update about the COVID-19 / Corona Virus Situation - March 16th 2020:
We are aware of the continuing spread of Covid-19, and the growing concerns about it's possible impacts on Monsoon School 2020. Since the School is almost 3 months away, we are continuing our preparations for Monsoon School 2020 as of now. However, we are closely monitoring the situation, along with public health authorities' advice on 'mass gatherings'. We will issue a further statement, if and when it is appropriate. Please continue monitoring our website and social media accounts, for further updates. 

Update about Rescheduling of Monsoon School 2020 - April 9th 2020: 
The Simons Centre at NCBS announces, with regret that its 8th Annual Monsoon School - Physics of Life 2020, scheduled from 8th to 17th June, will not be going ahead as planned due to concerns raised by the Covid19 pandemic. We are disappointed that this has become necessary, in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak. We are considering alternative dates for the Monsoon School (most likely to be in early 2021), which will be announced very soon. Applications for Monsoon School would be opened again after announcement of the new dates. Previous application submissions would still be considered. Please continue monitoring our website and social media accounts, for further updates. 

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