5th Simons-NCBS Monsoon School Jun 18 - Jun 25, 2017

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Biology is essentially an interdisciplinary field and is in the forefront of modern physics and information sciences. The goal of this school is to:

(i) expose undergraduate students from mathematics, physical sciences and engineering backgrounds to exciting problems in biology through research talks by biologists, physicists and computer scientists. Topics include: the structure and function of biomolecules; the organization of cells; the development of organisms from embryos to adults; the structure and function of the brain; populations and ecosystems; and aspects of evolution.

(ii) provide pedagogical instruction on a range of mathematical topics, so that students will be better prepared to enter Ph.D. programmes in computational biology, systems biology, biophysics, and related areas. Topics include: biophysics and soft-matter physics, ranging from aspects of molecules to those of cells and tissues; information processing and decision making, at the level of cells or of the brain; stochastic processes in molecules or populations; genetic networks and feedback systems; biomechanics and robotics.

Applications can be received April 10 - May 10, selected participants will be informed by May 15.

Selected participants :
1. Anton Swaminathan Iyer
2. Muppirala Viswa Virinchi
3. Shardool Kulkarni
4. Vivek Rai
5. Arabind Swain
6. Subham Thakur
7. Siddharth Paliwal
8. Sonali Arole
9. Divyanshu Mishra
10. Abhishek Das
11. Sayan Biswas
12. Satyam Mohla
13. Abubakr Mohammed Jamal
14. S Roshan Kumar
15. Sujay Manoj Paranjape
16. Vrushali Kumbhar
17. Animish Nilesh Vaze
18. Aravind T S
19. Shashank Kamdar
20. Sanskriti Chitransh
21. Devishi Kesar
22. Aabir Abubaker Kar
23. Abhijeet Katte
24. Rachita K. Kumar
25. Ravi Vishwakarma
26. Shraddha Agrawal
27. Abhishek Shetty
29. Sabyasachi Basu
30. Prokash Kumar Kundu
31. Rajas P
32. Aniruddha T V
33. Sampad Bhusan Mohanty
34. Aditya Adhikary
35. Sarthak Satpathy
36. Sajini Patel G
37. Pranav M Minasandra

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