Meera Sitharam (Department of Computer Science, University of Florida)
Jan 2023

Meera Sitharam (Department of Computer Science, University of Florida) visited in January 2023, hosted by Shachi Gosavi. She delivered a seminar on "Soft-matter assembly modeling", and spent time with groups at NCBS interested in machine learning approaches.

Luciano Marcon (CABD, Seville)
Nov 2022

Luciano Marcon visited in November 2022, hosted by Archishman Raju. He delivered a seminar on Turning mechanisms in developmental biology.

Sahand Hormoz (Harvard University)
Nov 2022

Sahand Hormoz visited in November 2022, hosted by Shaon Chakrabarti. Sahand delivered a seminar on reconstructing lineage histories of myeloproliferative neoplasm patients. He also interacted with multiple members of the Simons Centre as well as with other groups at NCBS.

Vivek Malhotra (CRG Barcelona)
Sep 2022

Vivek Malhotra visited in October 2022, hosted by Mukund Thattai. Vivek delivered two lectures describing his group's work on protein secretion in eukaryotic cells. He interacted with the groups of Mukund Thattai and Madan Rao.

Vishwesha Guttal (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Jun 2017 to Aug 2017

Dr. Guttal is a theoretical ecologist. He continues to interact with Dr. Sandeep Krishna and Dr. Shashi Thutupalli at the Simons Centre, as well as with the broader group of students and postdocs, exploring the dynamics of populations. Dr. Guttal formally acknowledges the support of the Simons Centre in a recent publication: Eby, S., Agrawal, A., Majumder, S., Dobson, A.P. and Guttal, V., 2017, "Alternative stable states and spatial indicators of critical slowing down along a spatial gradient in a savanna ecosystem" Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Garud Iyengar (Columbia University)
Aug 2017

Prof. Iyengar is a regular Simons Visitor. He continues his collaboration with the group of Madan Rao on the thermodynamics of molecular sensing, and the cost of molecular memory during signaling.

Thomas Lecuit (Collège de France (Paris) & Institute of Developmental Biology of Marseille (IBDM))
May 2017

Dr. Lecuit is a regular Simons Visitor. He is an experimental biologist interested in tissue dynamics during development. During his visit he interacted with Madan Rao as well as Simons Fellow Richard Morris. As an outcome of this visit Dr. Rao and Morris are "named collaborators" on an upcoming ERC grant application to set aside distinct funding for travel between NCBS, IBDM Marseille, and Chicago (where another collaborator E. Munro is based). Multiple collaborations along with Madan Rao have emerged from this collaboration.

Quentin Vagne (Institut Curie, Paris)
Feb 2017 to Apr 2017

Quentin’s research interests are in non-equilibrium mechanisms within the cell. During his visit he interacted with Madan Rao and Mukund Thattai at the Simons Centre on subjects including active intracellular trafficking and sequential chemical processing in Golgi compartments.

Szabolcs Semsey (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen)
Oct 2016
During his visit to the SImons Centre in Oct 2016, Szabolcs Semsey will continue his collaboration with Aswin Seshasayee and Sandeep Krishna on phage-bacteria interactions and the dynamics of restriction-modification systems as bacterial defences to phage. In addition, he and Sandeep Krishna, along with Sandeep's student Akshit Goyal, have been working on mathematical models of assembly of microbial communities and will use this opportunity to explore these models further. Szabolcs will also give a talk at the meeting on Conflict and Cooperation in Cellular Populations. All of these activities fit squarely within the Simons Centre theme of Cellular Communities.
Mathias Heltberg and Jonas Juul (Niels Bohr Institute)
Aug 2016 to Sep 2016

Mathias came to continue his collaboration with Sandeep Krishna on stochastic mode-hopping behaviour in the oscillatory NF-kB system, which was a theoretical prediction made by Mogens and Sandeep in 2012. This collaboration has resulted in one publication in 2016 in the journal Cell Systems, together with the experimental group of Savas Tay (ETH, Zurich), demonstrating the existence of such mode-hopping in NF-kB oscillations (this was work done during Mathias' previous visit in 2015). During this visit Mathias did further theoretical analysis of data from the Tay group, which has resulted in a publication in the Journal of Statistical Physics, and another manuscript examining the implications for regulation of downstream genes which is under review at PLoS Computational Biology. Jonas visited to further his collaboration with Sandeep on Wnt oscillations during somitogenesis in mouse embryos. His work during this visit has resulted in two manuscripts, one explaining how cell-cell interactions produce the travelling phases waves that have been observed experimentally and another that proposes a mechanism for how these waves can be used to control the width and spacing of somites. The first of these two manuscripts is under review at the journal Development.

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