Mathias Heltberg and Jonas Juul

Mathias came to continue his collaboration with Sandeep Krishna on stochastic mode-hopping behaviour in the oscillatory NF-kB system, which was a theoretical prediction made by Mogens and Sandeep in 2012. This collaboration has resulted in one publication in 2016 in the journal Cell Systems, together with the experimental group of Savas Tay (ETH, Zurich), demonstrating the existence of such mode-hopping in NF-kB oscillations (this was work done during Mathias' previous visit in 2015). During this visit Mathias did further theoretical analysis of data from the Tay group, which has resulted in a publication in the Journal of Statistical Physics, and another manuscript examining the implications for regulation of downstream genes which is under review at PLoS Computational Biology. Jonas visited to further his collaboration with Sandeep on Wnt oscillations during somitogenesis in mouse embryos. His work during this visit has resulted in two manuscripts, one explaining how cell-cell interactions produce the travelling phases waves that have been observed experimentally and another that proposes a mechanism for how these waves can be used to control the width and spacing of somites. The first of these two manuscripts is under review at the journal Development.

Visit Date: 
Aug 2016 to Sep 2016
Designation & Affiliation: 
Niels Bohr Institute
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