A major aim of the Simons Centre is to catalyse interactions between biologists and theoretical computer scientists. This meeting brought researchers from Microsoft  Research to the NCBS campus, to explore areas of common interest.


Nikhil  Srivastava : Theoretical computer science, linear algebra, random matrices, and convex geometry.

Deeparnab Chakrabarty : Theoretical computer science, and in particular in  approximation algorithms, combinatorial optimization, and algorithmic economics. 

Navin Goyal : Theoretical computer science, algorithmic problems arising directly in practice.

Satya Lokam : Cryptography, lower bounds in combinatorial and algebraic complexity, coding theory, randomness in computation.

Ravi Kannan : Massive data,  sampling, clustering, Markov chains, rapid mixing, lattice algorithms.

P. Anandan :  Computer vision.

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