Tilings of Surfaces


Title: Tilings of Surfaces

Speaker: Subhojoy Gupta, mAthematics Department, IISc Bangalore

Date: Friday, 15th November 2019

Time:  4 pm (Tea/Coffee at 3:45pm)

Venue: Simons Centre at NCBS, Ground Floor


We often see tilings of surfaces around us. 

In mathematics, we define a tiling of a surface (like the sphere, or the plane) to be a division into closed polygonal regions such that if two polygons intersect, they do so along a common corner point (a vertex) or a common side. Each polygonal tile has a “size”, which is its number of sides. I’ll talk about “semi-equivelar tilings” which have the same number, and sizes, of polygons around any vertex, in clockwise or anti-clockwise order.  In the case that the polygons are regular Euclidean polygons, these are called Archimedean tilings, and have been studied since antiquity.

I’ll talk of some recent results and some unsolved problems. The talk will be accessible to a wide audience.


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