Samose Seminar Series: To Be or Knot to Be

Samose Seminar Series: To Be or Knot to Be

Date & Time: Friday, June 9th at 4pm (Tea/Coffee at 3.45pm)

Venue: Simons Centre, Ground Floor

Speaker: Dr. Prathamesh Turaga, IMSc Chennai 

Knot theory is a branch of mathematical research in which one studies the mathematical formulation of the intuitive notion 
of a knotted piece of rope. The modern day origins of this topic lie in the earliest models of atom by Lord Kelvin. Over the years, 
it has transcended its origin to become an important area of topology, with applications which range from string theory and robotics 
to statistical mechanics and DNA structures.

A fundamental problem of this area of research is to find algorithms to recognize if a given 2-dimensional picture of a entangled loop 
is actually 'knotted'. Very few such algorithms have been discovered.

In this talk, I intend to give a brief history of this area and the problem. I further intend to discuss a new implementable algorithm 
that was obtained in the course of an ongoing project with Meesum Syed, IMSc. The talk will have a strong popular math flavour, 
and should be accessible to everyone with a high school background in Math.

All are welcome!

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