Richard Gilbert Morris

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Research interests: The role of geometry, topology and morphology in membranes, cells and tissues

I am currently an EMBL-Australia  Group Leader at UNSW, Sydney. Previously, I was a Simons fellow at NCBS (a 4-year independent early-career fellowship), and before that a postdoc with Prof. Matthew Turner at the University of Warwick, and with Dr. Marc Barthelemy and Dr. Lenka Zdeborova at the Institut de Physique Theorique (IPhT) part of the CEA in Saclay, just outside of Paris.  Before that, I did my Ph.D at the University of Manchester with Prof. Alan McKane, and worked in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) at both Citigroup and Barclays Capital.

Using the tools of soft-condensed matter and stochastic processes, I am currently interested in the role of geometry and topology in a range of systems; from membranes and organelles to cells and tissues.  Examples include: the role of curvature-induced shear in membranes, and its effect on protein diffusion; Gating mechanisms of mechano-sensitive protein channels; morphology arising from dynamical re-modeling of the acto-myosin cytoskeleton;  Coarse-grained models of epithelial sheets, and their role in morphogenesis.

More details can be found from my personal web pages and from my Google Scholar profile.

Publications :- 
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networks, In: G. D’Agostino and A. Scala eds. Networks of networks: the last frontier
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