Nandita Chaturvedi

Simons Fellows

I am an independent Simons-NCBS Career Development Fellow at NCBS hosted by Mukund Thattai. I am interested in theoretical ecology and population dynamics. I am currently working on questions of how organisms and populations can adapt to changing and heterogeneous environments. I am also working with the lab of Deepa Agashe in trying to explain the behavior of Tribolium castaneum, red flour beetles in different, and heterogeneous media.


Previously, I was doing my PhD in physics at the University of Pennsylvania in the group of Randall Kamien. For this, I explored splay-twist, splay-bend and twist-bend phases that some nematic liquid crystals can make. Before that I was a Masters student in physics at the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School, in the group of Johannes Berg. For my Masters thesis, I studied the process of dorsal-ventral patterning in the Oncopeltus fasciatus embryo. I was an undergraduate student in physics at the University of Delhi.


You can reach me at


Here is some of my work:

  1. Geometry, Anisotropy and Heterogeneity — a Study of Modulated Nematics, Ecology and Evolution, 2020

  2. Gnomonious projections for bend-free textures: thoughts on the splay-twist phase, 2020

  3. Mechanisms to splay-bend nematic phases, 2019

  4. Modelling Dorsal-Ventral Patterning in the Oncopeltus fasciatus Embryo, 2015

  5. The Dynamics of Falling Paper, 2013



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