Dinaker Vudhva

The purpose of this visit was to continue collaboration between Sandeep Krishna group and Supreet Saini's lab on bacterial "bet-hedging", where bacteria switch stochastically between different strategies in order to minimize the risk of extinction due to a variable and uncertain environment. Supreet Saini's lab is looking at such phenomena experimentally in the context of quorum sensing in bacteria and in their response to bacteriophage attack. During Dinaker's visit he examined previous modelling work by Sandeep Krishna and recent work by Kim Sneppen (a previous Simons visitor) on the latter question, and then extended those models to make specific prediction for the experimental situations being examined in Supreet Saini's lab.

Visit Date: 
Jun 2015 to Aug 2015
Designation & Affiliation: 
Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay
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