Chandra Verma


Chandra is an expert on computational protein dynamics. While at NCBS he presented a seminar titled, “Stapled diet: Food for thought,” on the importance of dynamics in the design and development of stapled peptides to target and abrogate protein-protein interactions. He also presented an informal tutorial on techniques for analysing cavity water dynamics in MD simulations. The Gosavi group is interested in using these techniques to understand the propagation or disruption of allosteric networks in proteins (specifically a pair of immune response proteins, IL-33 and IL-1β) through cavity water. The visit also led to several long term joint projects with the Gosavi group on multiscale modelling of the dynamics of proteins involved in cancer, particularly p53 and EGFR. An NCBS student, Shilpa Yadahalli, is on an extended visit to the Verma group to further some of these projects.

Visit Date: 
Feb 2014
Designation & Affiliation: 
Bioinformatics Institute Singapore
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