Assembling anisotropic colloids using curvature-mediated lipid sorting.

TitleAssembling anisotropic colloids using curvature-mediated lipid sorting.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsKumar M, Singh A, Del Secco B, Baranov MV, van den Bogaart G, Sacanna S, Thutupalli S
JournalSoft Matter
Date Published2022 Mar 02
KeywordsAnisotropy, Colloids, Lipid Bilayers, Protein Transport

The use of colloid supported lipid bilayers (CSLBs) for assembling colloidal structures has been of recent interest. Here, we use multi-component lipid bilayer membranes formed around anisotropic colloids and show that the curvature anisotropy of the colloids drives a sorting of the lipids in the membrane along the colloids. We then exploit this curvature-sensitive lipid sorting to create "shape-anisotropic patchy colloids" - specifically, we use colloids with six rods sticking out of a central cubic core, "hexapods", for this purpose and demonstrate that membrane patches self-assemble at the tip of each of the six colloidal rods. The membrane patches are rendered sticky using biotinylated lipids in complement with a biotin-binding streptavidin protein. Finally, using these "shape-anisotropic patchy colloids", we demonstrate the directed assembly of colloidal links, paving the way for the creation of heterogeneous and flexible colloidal structures.

Alternate JournalSoft Matter
PubMed ID35072193
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