• Strong components of the E. coli regulatory network

  • Ultradian oscillators in eukaryotic cells

  • Bacteria can coexist with virulent phage

  • Under nutrient stress two metabolic states emerge in yeast colonies

  • Complex dynamics of the periodically driven NF-kB oscillator

My research lies at the interface of biology and physics, examining biological phenomena spanning a wide range of length and timescales: for example, molecular mechanisms of protein regulation, cell fate decisions, and coooperation, communication and heterogeneity in microbial communities. Read more.

Primary affiliation: Simons Centre for the Study of Living Machines at the National Centre for Biological Sciences TIFR, Bangalore.

Adjunct affiliations: Center for Models of Life at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen; International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bangalore.

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Some recent publications

Juul*, J. S., Jensen, M. H. & Krishna*, S. (2019) Constraints on somite formaiton in developing embryos. J. R. Soc. Interface 16, doi:10.1098/rsif.2019.0451 (*Co-corresponding authors)

Varahan, S., Sinha, V., Walwekar, A., Krishna, S. & Laxman, S. (2019) Metabolic constraints drive self-organization of specialized cell groups, eLife 8, e46735

Heltberg, M., Krishna*, S. & Jensen*, M. H. (2019) Chaotic dynamics of transcription factors and its consequences for downstream gene expression, Nat. Commun. 10, 71 (*Co-corresponding authors)

Krishna, S & Laxman, S. (2018) A minimal "push-pull" bistability model explains oscillations between quiescent and proliferative cell states, Mol. Biol. Cell 29, 2243-2258

Suratekar, R., Panda, A., Raghu, P. & Krishna, S. (2018) Evidence of sinks and sources in the plc activated pip2 cycle, FEBS Lett. 592, 962–972

Datta, V., Siddharthan, R. & Krishna, S. (2018) Detection of cooperatively bound transcription factor pairs using chip-seq peak intensities and expectation maximization, PLoS ONE 13, e0199771

Lal, A., Krishna, S. & Seshasayee, A. S. N. (2018) Regulation of global transcription in e. coli by rsd and 6s rna, G3 8, 2079–2089

Sinha, V., Goyal, A., Svenningsen, S. L., Semsey, S. & Krishna, S. (2017) In silico evolution of lysis-lysogeny strategies reproduces observed lysogeny propensities in temperate bacteriophages, Front. Microbiol. 8, 1386.

Heltberg, M., Kellogg, R. A., Krishna, S., Tay, S. & Jensen, M. H. (2016) Noise induces hopping between nf-kb entrainment modes, Cell Sys. 3, 532.

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