Feb 4-6, 2017: With colleagues from ESPCI, Paris, and IISER Pune, I'm co-organising a discussion meeting at NCBS on the Emergence and Evolution of Biological Complexity

Poster designed by Sandeep Ameta

Dec 19-21, 2016: Mukund Thattai and the rest of the Simons Centre faculty are organising a discussion meeting at NCBS on the Interface of Biology and Theoretical Computer Science

Poster designed by Rohit Suratekar

Oct 16-19, 2016: Sunil Laxman and I organised a discussion meeting at the NCBS-Instem campus on Conflict and Cooperation in Cellular Populations

Poster designed by Rohit Suratekar

Sept 2016: See the new video on the Physics of Life Monsoon School, that we organise annually at NCBS.

Aug 25-26, 2016: Rahul Siddharthan organised a conference on Aspects of Gene and Cellular Regulation at IMSc, Chennai. I spoke about the `Effects of Four Different Regulatory Mechanisms on the Dynamics of Gene Regulatory Cascades'.

Jun 15-24, 2016: Physics of Life, the 4th Annual Monsoon School at NCBS

Dec 7-20, 2015: The 4th ICTS-ICTP Winter School on Quantitative Systems Biology was held at ICTS, Bangalore
I co-organised this school, and taught a short pre-school session on modelling dynamics of biological systems.

Dec 1-5, 2015: The second Bacterial Expressions meeting at NCBS

Dec 12, 2013: Formal launch of the Simons Centre for the Study of Living Machines and the first Simons Colloquium by Madhusudhan Venkadesan