Paid Internship at Simons Centre at NCBS

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Paid Internship at Simons Centre at NCBS

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Dr. Shashi Thutupalli and Dr. Sandeep Ameta, working at the Simons Centre for the Study of Living Machines at NCBS Bangalore, are recruiting for a 6-month internship project, starting in early 2020.

We are looking for an intern interested in working in an experimental biology lab, to help us develop droplet-microfluidics based applications. The ideal candidate will have an interest in multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving, and prior experiences spanning molecular biology, chemistry and/or physics.


What we offer:

The Thutupalli Lab uses a physics-based approach to understanding fundamental biological problems like de novo construction of synthetic mimics of living matter (topics like origin of life, and collective behaviour in active systems) and the physical basis of organization in living systems (topics like physical basis of death/dormancy and metabolism, microbial interactions, and antigen processing).

The intern will work on our research project related to origins of life and more precisely evolution of autocatalytic RNA networks. We are developing a droplet-microfluidics based strategy to experimentally demonstrate emergence of autocatalytic reaction networks from a random pool of RNAs. The intern will greatly contribute in developing and optimizing the experimental strategy. Apart from learning more about topics in RNA evolution, the intern will also have excellent exposure to learning cutting-edge techniques in microfluidics and molecular biology.


Who can apply:

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate with a background in chemistry, molecular biology and/or biotechnology to actively participate in this project. The ideal candidate will be flexible, be able to work in a highly multidisciplinary team, and possess excellent interpersonal skills.


How to apply:

This is an open call for interested candidates. There is no deadline for sending in an expression of interest. However, we would like the intern to begin in early 2020. So, please do drop an email at the earliest.

Stipend for the internship is negotiable and will be based on the intern’s experience and qualifications.

For applications and more project-related details please write to both:

Dr. Sandeep Ameta: , with a copy to

Dr. Shashi Thutupalli:


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Paid Internship at Simons Centre at NCBS

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