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Assistant Professor
National Centre for Biological Sciences
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
GKVK Campus, Bellary Road
Bangalore 560065, Karnataka, India

Phone: +91.80.23666001
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Professional areas of interest

Dynamics of biomechanical systems, Multibody dynamics, Multisensory control, Optimal control, Model reduction, Neuromuscular biomechanics, Robotics, Sensorimotor Control, Bifurcation theory, Stochastic dynamical systems, Probability theory, Delay differential equations, Differential geometry, Clinical measurement and evaluation of motor function, Nonlinear dynamical systems.


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Humans and other animals exhibit astoundingly versatile and robust motor behavior. Nevertheless, there are limits to their capabilities like when an experienced runner loses balance and falls, or even mild neuromuscular diseases have surprisingly severe effects. Understanding the physical and biological underpinnings of these performance limits will lead to fundamental insights about how biology deals with competing demands on motor behavior. In turn, this understanding will shed light on how diseases impair our functioning, and may help improve treatments, surgical techniques, design of prosthetics, rehabilitation regimens, and also the design of robots.

How are these limits of performance affected by disease, age, training, or ontogeny? Do humans and animals outperform their robotic counterparts because of or despite the nonlinearities and `sloppiness' inherent to biology? Have humans and other animals finely-tuned their sloppiness through evolution in order to achieve the robustness one associates with biology? Can we and how do we extract design and control principles for understanding biomechanical function and also for improving the state of modern robotics? Such questions about animals and machines, ranging in scale from collections of muscle fibers to the whole organism, are at the heart of my research.

More details about my past and ongoing work, including projects on the human hand, arm and leg can be found here...



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B.Tech. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras - Mechanical Engineering 1996
M.S. Cornell University - Mechanical Engineering (F. Valero-Cuevas link) 2003
Ph.D. Cornell University - Mechanical Engineering (F. Valero-Cuevas link) 2007
Postdoc Cornell University - Mechanical Engineering (F. Valero-Cuevas link) 2006-2007
Postdoc Cornell University - Mathematics (J. Guckenheimer link) 2007-2008
Postdoc Harvard University - Applied Mathematics (L. Mahadevan link) and Human Evolutionary Biology (D. Lieberman link) 2008-2010
Assistant Professor National Centre for Biological Sciences 2010-


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